What shape do you need to make the perfect Hama Bead Pattern? In the wonderful world of Hama, pegboards come in all shapes and sizes and that makes for some very interesting patterns. This page will take a look at the varity of boards on offer:
Hama Bead Basic Shapes
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220 - Small Square 220 – Small Square Also available in large, large inter-locking and transparent Buy!
221 - Large Round 221 – Large Round Also available in small Buy!
222 - Small Round 222 – Small Round Also available in Large Buy!
223 - Small Hexagon 223 – Small Hexagon Also available in large Buy!
233 - Large Heart 233 – Large Heart Also available in small Buy!
 234 - Large Square Inter Locking 234 – Large Square Inter Locking Join up your pegboards to make larger, more challenging patterns. Buy!
236 - Small Heart 236 – Small Heart Also available in large Buy!
260 - Egg 260 – Egg Ideal for making Easter patterns Buy!
269 - Large Star 269 – Large Star Also available in Small Buy!
270 - Small Star 270 – Small Star Also available in large Buy!
276 - Large Hexagon 276 – Large Hexagon Also available in small Buy!
306 - House 306 – House Make some fantastic designs with this House Hama Bead Pegboard. Buy!
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