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Hama Beads are an exciting creative toy for all age groups, so it’s handy that Hama Beads come in 3 different versions to satisfy the various age ranges.

maxi beadsMaxi Hama Beads (Ages 3+)

Hama Bead can be fun, even for kids as young as 3.  The special Maxi Beads (also known as “My First Hama”) are specifically designed for the pre-school child and have a diameter or 10mm.  Saying that, don’t be afraid to use Maxi Beads at any age as a great way to start your first project.

midi beadsMidi Hama Beads (Ages 5+)

These are by far the most common Hama Beads in circulation and what you will come to find in most of the highstreet shops.  The medium sized beads are 5mm in diameter and suitable for age 5 and above.

See the Full Range of Midi Hama Beads

mini beadsMini Hama Beads (Ages 10+).

These are tiny beads which are 2.5mm in diameter.  These allow far more detailed designs (as you can see from the illustrations*) to be created and comes with a recommended age of 10+ (including adults)

* Clown Illustrations based on the images provided on the

One thought on “Buy Hama Beads

  1. Love your patterns for the midi Hama. But my little girl is only 3 and starting her on the maxi. Do you have any patterns for the maxi beads. would love to make some interesting cartoon ones with her.

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