Toy Story Alien

Little Green Man in Hama Beads

First seen in Toy Story 1, the Little Green Men (LGM) have become very popular with fans of the hit Cartoon. I still laugh at the scene when Buzz Lightyear first meets them in the toy grabbing machine.

  • Buzz Lightyear – ‘Who’s in charge Here?’.
  • Little Green Men – ‘The Claw’

Here is a quick design for you to be able to create your very own or create all your favourite Toy Story Charachters in Hama with the Toy Story Hama Pack.

Toy Story Alien Hama Bead Pattern

What you require to make our pattern out of Hama Beads.

Pegboards – 1 x large interlinking peg boards (Hama Boards #234)

Colours required – Here is a list of the colours you will require to make this Alien and the part number of the individual coloured packs.