Snowman Decoration

Standing Snowman Decoration!

This brand new standing snowman hama design would make a great decoration for the mantel peice or perhaps your desk at work.

It’s so simple to make, just make sure you have a lot of white beads.  Why not make yours unique by experimenting with the colours you use for the scarf and gloves.

Making the stand/base – When you make the Snowman, you need to ensure that the bottom is not a straight edge.  You need the bottom to be like uneven teeth as these need to fix into holes in the base.  The stand/base can be as large as you like, all you need to do is ensure the holes align to the snowman.

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Small Snowman Decoration

What you require to make our pattern out of Hama Beads.

Pegboards 1 x large pegboard (Hama Boards #234TR)

Colours required – Here is a list of the colours you will require to make this Snowman Pattern and the part number of the individual coloured (1,000) packs.