Rapunzel Hama Bead Pattern – Door Sign

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair!

The story of a lonely couple, who long for a child but later give her up to the sorceress who caught the husband stealing from her garden.  The sorceress locks the little girl in a tower which eventually leads to the famous line:

Rapunzel!, Rapunzel!, Let down your hair, That I may climb thy golden stair!

Here is our second Disney Princess Hama Bead door sign that we created for out little girl who was a massive fan of Disney’s Tangled.  

Once created and ironed we will add some double sided sticky pads to attach to the door.  Alternatively, you could use blutac or small nails…  It’s up to you.

Disney Rapunzal Hama Bead Pattern

What you require to make our pattern out of Hama Beads.

Peg Boards – 6 x large interlinking peg boards (Hama Boards #234).
Colours required – Here is a full list of the colours you will require to make this Rapunzel Door Sign and the part number of the individual coloured packs.