Zelda Picture Frame Idea

Add your Hama Beads to a Picture Frame

What a fantastic way to add a little bit of personality to an old picture frame.

The Zelda picture frame came from one of our Facebook Followers and we just had to share it with you.

What you require to make a Hama Bead Picture Frame.

Find an old picture frame (please ask permission before you start) and perhaps paint it, so it looks fresh.

Then superglue your favourite Hama Bead Designs to it.  This would make a lovely present for a loved one.

Make a picture frame from Hama Beads

Why not make the complete picture frame from Hama Beads.

  1. Take a small square Hama Bead pegboard and passport photo.
  2. Lay the passport photo on the peg board to get an idea of where you need to start beading.
  3. Add beads in any design you desire.
  4. Use string or thread to act as the picture wire, and then hang in your room.
Zelda Picture Frame with Hama Beads