Frog Hama Bead Pattern


Frog’s become ever so popular in the 90’s thanks to the “Budweiser adverts.  Thankfully it is one of the pegboards you can buy and make some amazing patterns.  It’s Pegboard 225 and will make for some great fun.

You can copy this design, or come up with a pattern of your own… I wonder what he would look like with clothes on? Why don’t you create something and let us know how you get on via our FaceBook Page!

Frog Fact – There is only one frog in the world which makes the “Ribbit” sound – that’s the Pacific Tree Frog, a tiny North American frog which grows to a max of 2″ long. The sound it makes was adopted by Hollywood/Disney – hence the popularity and misconception.

Frog Hama Bead Pattern

What you require to make our pattern out of Hama Beads.

Pegboards 1 x Frog Pegboard (Hama Boards #225)

Colours required – Here is a list of the colours you will require to make this Frog Pattern and the part number of the individual coloured (1,000) packs.