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Which Hama Beads are better?

Maxi, Midi, or Mini…

Let us know what Hama Beads you use…

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Hama Beads are available to buy in 3 different sizes, with Midi Beads by far the most popular.  However, when you are deciding which and where to buy your hama beads, ask yourself:

  • What age group are you or your children in?
  • What are you looking to create?
  • How long do you have to create a pattern?

As all of these are great questions to ask yourself.

Hama Bead Age Limits

Hama Beads are sold with suggested age guidelines 3+ for Maxi, 5+ for Midi and 10+ for Mini.  The reason for this is the varying sizes and trying to ensure you and your children are safe.

Hama Bead Creations

You can create so many wonderful things with Hama Beads including basic patterns, complex patterns, 3D hama bead patterns, jewelry,photo’s and much much more.  So the patterns or designs you want to create will very much determine the beads you should buy.

Personally, we would always suggest you opt for Midi Beads as they are the most common in terms of availability and the patterns are more readily accessible.

How much time do you have?

Again, another factor to consider is time.  Not just do you have time to create something, but do you have the patience to start a project.

The smaller the beads you use, the longer it will take you to complete.

Buy Easter Hama Bead Packs

3416 - Easter Egg Starter PackDon’t miss out on amazing Hama Bead packs and designs this Easter!

This Easter, the kids will be off for 2 weeks, which will seem like a life time if you don’t keep them busy.

We found over other holiday periods that Hama Beads offers a great life line and will keep kids happy for hours – so don’t miss out on some of our amazing Easter Hama Bead designs or your chance to buy Easter Peg Boards and Packs.

Hama Bead Easter Egg Starter Pack

Buy the Easter Starter pack right now from Amazon for less than £10 (as pictured above).

This fabulous new kit contains 2000 mixed midi beads, 1 new egg shaped board, 1 mobile ring, 2 stands, thread, designs, instructions and ironing paper for a gorgeous spring time mobile.

Click Here to Buy Now

3222 - 3D Chicken Box SetHama Bead 3D Chick Box Set

Buy the 3D Chick pack right now from Amazon for less than £10.

This fabulous new kit will allow you to create your very own 3D chicken from a pack containing: 3000 mixed midi beads, 1 large round shaped board, Satin ribbons, designs, instructions and ironing paper for a gorgeous spring time mobile.

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Butterfly Hame Bead PatternsHama Bead Easter Peg Boards

This Spring, you will be mad not to invest in one of the highly popular Peg Poards.  These are a must for Hama Beaders this time of year, they are typically available for under £5 and include:

Click the links above to buy the official Hama Bead spring time pegboards.

As always, please keep coming back to our Hama Bead Facebook page and share with us anything you create!  We may even add it to the site too and make you famous!


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