3D Hama Bead Heart

Make a 3D Heart for the one you love!

This year, tell the one you love how much they mean to you with a Hama Bead 3D Heart.  It’s simple to do and looks great hanging from your car window, the ceiling or anywhere you can see it!

This is ours hanging in the living room.

3d Hama Bead Heart

What you require to make our pattern out of Hama Beads.

Pegboards1 x large pegboard (Hama Boards #234TR)

Colours required – For this design, we have used a variety of pinks.  You can make your 3D Heart out of anything you fancy.

Tips – Below we have provided 2 illustrations on how this was made.

  1. We started off by creating 2 identical heart shapes. You can create as big as you like, but make sure that the width is an uneven number.
  2. We the removed 3 beads from the top centre of one heart and 5 from the bottom of the second heart.
  3. Now iron the patterns to harden.  Remember we suggest you do both sides for added strength.
  4. Once this has cooled down you can slide one over the other to create the 3D effect.
  5. To hang simply thread some cotton through the holes and tie.

If you would like to use some fancy fabrics to hang the heart you can do so.  You may find that it is too thick to slide through a hama bead – in this instance remove 2 beads from the shape that will slide upwards (i.e. the bottom left heart).  If you do the shape that slides down, you will find the bottom may keep sliding down.